Playhouse works with the fastest 2 hand caricature artist in Singapore! Our in-house caricature artist has done caricature drawing at various events for more than 10 years! Over the years, he has been invited to various celebrities’ house parties, overseas events and corporate events for his amazing work. Below are the different caricature services we offer:


Caricature Drawing on Paper

Having a piece of your own caricature drawing on paper never gets old! Hire our caricature artist who can complete a caricature in mere minutes! Because he’s so fast, you can be sure that every guest at your party will have a piece of their own caricature to bring home!

Roving Caricature Artist

Want to make your party or event fun and memorable? Hire our Roving Caricature Artist who is great with mingling with your guests and drawing a caricature of them on the spot! Your guests will be entertained to see themselves drawn in exaggerated cartoon form and definitely pleased to bring these humorous portraits home! Give your guests an experience they will never forget! Contact us now to find out more!

Bookmark Caricature

Now, all your guests will remember your party or event whenever they bookmark a page in their book!

A tinier version of the classic caricature drawing on paper, Bookmark Caricature is extremely portable, allowing your guests to show off their party/event souvenir wherever they go!

Every bookmark is one of a kind, drawn by our professional in-house Caricature Artist. Contact us now to have this special activity at your party or event!

Shrink Caricature on Keychain

Want something more elaborate?

Our Caricature Artist is able to shrink his caricatures and transform them into keychains too! This can be an extremely unique and popular doorgift for your guests at your party! Give your guests a gift and experience they will never forget! Hire our talented and versatile Caricature Artist now!

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