Event Balloon Decoration in Singapore

Playhouse introduce our event balloon decoration in Singapore! We are proud to work with That Balloons, the leading balloon company in Singapore, to provide a one-stop balloon decoration services. We specialise in customised party and event balloon to suit any occasion, with delivery, set up and dismantle services. Whether it’s a small birthday party or a large scale event, our team is here to help decorate your venue that will wow your guest! Below are some of the balloon decorations we have done:

Event Balloon

Event Balloon Decoration

Our event landscape balloon decorations can covers the whole venue with balloons! From customising balloon sculptures to fit the theme of your event, our balloon decorations can last over 14 days or longer with our high quality balloons, touch-up maintenance work and a special balloon spray.

Party Balloon Decoration

Our team of balloon artist is here to help advise and create a stunning balloon decorations at your party venue to surprise your kids! We can customised your kid’s favourite cartoon characters or theme and integrate into the decoration.

Organic Balloon Decoration

Organic balloon decoration is the recent trending decorations that everyone loves! Our balloon artists are one of the best organic balloon decorator in Singapore. From small organic garland for birthday parties, to large organic balloon decorations for corporate events, we are here to help filled up those empty spaces at your venue with these bubble-looking balloons!

Balloon Arch Decoration

Whether it’s a shop/mall opening, office party or roadshow event, walking through a balloon arch is the best way to welcome your guests! Balloon arch doesn’t just serve as a decoration, it can also be a photo-taking opportunity for your guests! Our balloon artists have also done hundreds of balloon arch designs over the past few years. Contact us today to book now!

Stage Balloon Decoration

Do without the usually plants decorations and replace it with our stage front balloon decorations! Our customise stage balloon decorations is affordable and can gets everyone’s attention easily.

Ceiling Balloon Decoration

Ceiling balloon decoration is the best way to decorate your ceiling! Having a decorations on ceiling isn’t always an easy and safe job. Especially when it comes to hanging big and heavy items on ceiling, you always have to risk having someone under the decorative item. Contact us to find out how we can remove that risk while have a large balloon decor on your ceiling!

Helium Balloon Decoration

We offer helium balloon bundles and ceiling helium balloons for our helium balloon decorations. helium balloon bundles serve as a pillars that fill up all the empty spaces at your venue, while ceiling helium balloons is the best way to create a party atmosphere if you have a low ceiling.


Balloon Backdrop Decoration

Want to create a unique backdrop for your upcoming event? Why not do it with balloons! From the size, colour and theme of your event, Our balloon backdrop decoration is fully customisable!

Balloon Pit

Let the kids experience jumping into a sea of balloons! Just like a ball pit, keep the kids entertained with balloons in a pit! Balloon pit is good for shopping mall events, parties, family day and many more!

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