Video Game Console Rental

Playhouse  offer 5 different video game consoles rental Singapore! Keep your guest entertained for hours with these video game stations that comes with delivery, set up, TV with TV Stand, dismantle and collection of equipment. If the games that you are looking for is not on our list, simply let our sales assistant know and we can help to source for the games you need! Our team simply require 1 powerpoint per game console for set up!

Video Game

Video Game Console Rental in Singapore

We offer VR game console, wii game console, nintendo switch game console and Xbox game console and playstation game console rental in Singapore! Our one-stop video game console rental solution comes with the game console itself, up to 2 different games, 2 controllers, a necessary cables and extension, 1 TV on stand, delivery, set up and collection of equipment.

VR Game Console Rental

Playhouse  provides futuristic VR Game booth rental for your upcoming event in Singapore! We have received extremely good feedbacks for this VR station as it has become one of the highlights at the event! Here’s how the VR station looks like:

“When a person starts playing, people tend to gather and surround the VR booth to watch them play!” – Jessica Chia

We offer 8 different VR games for you to choose from! If you are unsure which are the games that best suit your event needs, simply contact our sales assistant for more information. Contact Us

To enquire, simply click on the link below and submit a quick form! We will reply as soon as we got your form.

Wii Game Console Rental

Introducing our new Wii Console video game booth rental in Singapore! Our Wii console video game rental consist of more than 10 different games include guitar hero, dance revolution and Rayman 2! These video games are suitable for professional roadshow events that are able to keep the kids entertained and draw crowds to your booth!

To enquire, simply click on the link below and submit a quick form! We will reply as soon as we got your form.

Nintendo Switch Game Console Rental

Sports Fanatics can challenge each other on our Nintendo Switch Game Booth! Nintendo switch consoles have a reputation for being excellent multiplayer machines, and up to 4 players can play at the same time! If you are looking for a fast pace and multiplayers game console for your upcoming event, this is the one you should get!

Playstation Game Console Rental

Have your guest relax and enjoy a short game at your event with our playstation game booth today! With various types of games to choose from, our playstation game booth is another great way to make your guests feel at home!

Xbox Game Console Rental

Gone are the days when we need controllers for gaming; this is full-body gaming! Connect Xbox Kinect to our Xbox 360 that allow gamers to be the controller, and feel as if they are actually in the game. Xbox 360 has the ability to transform the players’ entire bodies into a game controller, and players has to use their body movement to play!

Big Top offers different type of carnival games and arcade game machines for your upcoming party or event as well! Click on the link below to see the full list of in-house games we provide:

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