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Are you looking for carnival rides rental Singapore? Big Top provides various in-house amusement rides and carnival rides rental from trackless train, carousel, animal ride, rodeo bull and even go kart racing… we have it all! Renting carnival rides in Singapore can be a fantastic choice for various events and occasions. Here are some carnival rides rental options you can explore:

Carnival Rides

Battery Animal Rides

Trackless Train

Battery Go-Kart

Carousel Ride

Aeroplane Ride Rental

Paddle Boat Ride

Rodeo Bull Carnival Ride

Wave Surfer Carnival Ride

Battery Cars Racing

Battery Animal Ride Rental

Battery animal rides are small amusement attractions that children can ride. These rides are safe, fun, and often come in various animal designs.

Trackless Train Carnival Ride Rental

Trackless trains are a popular choice for events. They can transport passengers around a designated area, providing a unique experience for both children and adults.

Go-Kart Rental

We bring the Go-Kart Racing experience to your event venue in Singapore! Professional Imagine professional go-kart battery cars with red and white F1 race tracks, create the best go-kart experience for your guests! Our go-kart racing is suitable for kids age 7 and above! Discover our go-kart carnival ride here!

Aeroplane Carnival Ride Rental

Aeroplane carnival rides simulate flying experiences, making them thrilling attractions that are perfect for adventure-loving individuals.

Carousels are classic carnival rides loved by people of all ages. They feature intricately designed horses and provide a nostalgic and delightful experience.

Paddle Boat Carnival Ride

Carousels are classic carnival rides loved by people of all ages. They feature intricately designed horses and provide a nostalgic and delightful experience.

Rodeo Bull Carnival Ride

Previously only found in Spain, now you can have a Rodeo Bull Carnival Ride at your event too! Suitable for adults, now everyone can have a go at the Rodeo Bull to see how long they can stay atop of the ferocious bull! Don’t worry if you can’t tame the bull and fall off it as our bouncy platform will protect you from any hard knocks or bruises!

Wave Surfer Carnival Ride

Your guests will have fun trying to balance on a mechanical operated surfing board! If you have a beach-themed party or water-sports event, this Wave Surfer Carnival Ride will be the perfect add-on! It is a fusion of bouncy castle and wakeboarding!

Renting carnival rides in Singapore can be a great choice for various reasons:

Entertainment: Carnival rides add excitement, fun, and entertainment to any event or occasion. They can be a major attraction that keeps guests engaged and entertained throughout the day.

Versatility: Carnival rides come in various types and sizes, offering a wide range of options to cater to different age groups and preferences. From thrilling rides like roller coasters to family-friendly rides like carousels, there is something for everyone.

Flexibility: Renting carnival rides gives you the flexibility to choose the specific rides that suit your event and audience. You can select rides based on the available space, theme, and target age group, ensuring a customized experience.

Space Optimization: Singapore is known for its limited event spaces. Renting carnival rides allows you to maximize the use of the available space, as they are designed to fit compactly and efficiently.

Event Variety: Whether it’s a corporate event, school fair, community festival, or birthday party, carnival rides can enhance the overall experience. They create a festive atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on both children and adults.

Renting carnival rides in Singapore can transform any event into a memorable and enjoyable experience, providing thrills and entertainment for everyone involved.

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