Snake Charmer

An ancient mystical art form that started from India, Snake Charming is a performance that would always pique the audience’s curiosity. Intrigue your guests – hire Big Top’s Snake Charmer for your parties or events in Singapore!

Snake Charmer Show for Events

Extremely popular with the young and old, a Snake Charmer Show for your event would add a touch of mystique and lend it an exotic flavour! Keep your audience on their toes as they watch our experienced Snake Charmer hypnotise his massive python with his flute! Recommended for various events and shows – contact us to hire our Snake Charmer now!

Snake Charmer Show for Parties

Extremely suitable for a cozier group, our Snake Charmer will mesmerise your guests with his exotic and intriguing performance! Our experienced and professional Snake Charmer will keep your guests safe and engaged throughout his entire performance! Contact us now to hire a Snake Charmer for an unforgettable party!

Roving Snake Charmer

A roving Snake Charmer is a crowd puller! Offer your guests photo opportunities with a snake charmer with his astonishing python! Guaranteed to make your guests squeal and make your event an unforgettable one!

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