Water Games

Playhouse  provides water games for rental in Singapore! Having a pool party or a waterside carnival event? Want to impress your guests and let them have a frolicking good time in the waters? Your search ends here as Big Top provides a wide variety and range of water inflatables rental, water games and activities guaranteed to thrill and entertain all your guests!

Water Games Rental Singapore

Water Games

Water Games Rental Singapore

Come, challenge your guests to a game of Water Gladiator! Float on an inflatable log with a friend and try to dunk your opponents into the waters! Who will be the last standing Gladiator? Your guests will surely have a fun and memorable water pool party!

Water Games Rental Singapore

Want an inflatable obstacle course at your poolside party? Why not try our Water Obstacle Course? A whole length of colourful inflatable obstacle course consisting of a bridge and a ‘rock climbing’ feature! The fastest to get through the obstacle course without falling off this long obstacle float wins! Bound to delight and thrill your young guests!

Our modular water obstacle course consist of 5 different parts. Depending on the size of your pool, choose from 2 to 5 modules below:

Inflatable Stepping Stones Rental

Test your limit and see how fast you can cross the pool with our inflatable stepping stone rental! Use it as a water game challenge, or it can simply be an inflatable float for you to jump or relax on.

Paddle Boat Rental

Want something even more special? How about some paddle boats for your young guests at your pool party? Watch as they climb onto the colourful paddle boats and maneuver their way through the pool! Designed specially to hold their weight, these paddle boats are sure to add an element of delightful surprise to your active young guests!

Dunking Tank Rental

You’ve seen this on variety shows! Who doesn’t like the fun of seeing their friends being dunked into a tankful of water? Rent this dunking tank in a variety of events! Birthday parties, school open houses and fun fairs, roadshows, family days…whatever you can think of! Watch your brave volunteers or chosen guests being gradually lowered near the waters and eventually being dunked! This is sure to create a buzz among your party guests and bring them endless memories!

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